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Tattoo Meanings

all-cing-eyeAll-Seeing Eye - The all-seeing eye is depicted as an eye surrounded by beams of light. It is found in a number of different cultures. It can symbolize the third eye, extra sensory perception or spiritual insight. It is also a symbol used to ward off evil spirits in other cultures.

amuletAmulet - An amulet is a form of Talisman used to protect the wearer from harm whether physical or psychic harm. It is comes in many different forms depending on the culture. For example Egyptian amulets were represented by a scarab and in Europe a rabbit leg was carried for protection. Many people get amulets tattooed because of the permanence and constant closeness of the amulet.

Angels - Angels manifest in practically all cultures in some form or other and represent higher beings beyond the physicality of the material world. They are usually depicted as guardians, guides, protectors and intermediaries between this world and the higher dimensions. They can take on the form of archangels like Michael and can be seen holding a sword or as playing music.

Anchor - Anchor tattoos are a popular design that has been reclaimed in the past few years. Like swallow tattoos, anchors were originally the preserve of sailors. Anchors embody the safety, hope and salvation for most people and are probably the reason for their popularity and peoples need for stability in a world gone mad.

Ankh - Is a form of cross and goes back thousands of years to Egyptian culture. It is also known as the key of life or the key of the Nile and is associated with sexual union.

AB - Short for the Aryan Brotherhood which is a prison gang and White Supremacist organization. Its main beliefs are of the superiority of the white race over all other races. The types of tattoos common to the Aryan Brotherhood are the Celtic cross, the shamrock or other Nazi insignia.

Aso - A mythical animal which is a cross between a dog and dragon and serves as a protective symbol against malevolent spirits. It originated amongst the indigenous people of Borneo known as the Dayak.

Aztec Sun - The Aztecs believed that four suns were created in four different eras. The sun was believed to be the giver and taker of life and the Aztecs frequently sacrificed people to the gods of these four suns.

Barbed Wire - Also known as barbwire and was created to mark territory in the 1800's. It has come to symbolize more than the control of land and because of its use in prisons and such places has come to be associated with confinement. This has not stopped it from being a popular choice of arm-band tattoo made even more popular by Pamela Anderson. Bar Code - The bar code is used extensively in retail and is ubiquitous when shopping. In tattooing it has come to mean the co-modification of modern life and a yearning for individuality. It is both a humorous look at human bodies and also an indictment of how packaged human bodies have become.

Bat - The bat is generally seen as a negative symbol in the West but has the opposite meaning in the Far East where it is associated with good luck. The Mayans considered bats to have god-like qualities. Bees - Bees can symbolize being industrious and also working with a 'hive' mentality. The appearance can also mean being stung!

Benten - A Japanese God of fortune and represents wisdom, literature and the sea.

Betty Boop - Once a popular cartoon tattoo depicted as an innocent looking girl tugging at her skirt.

Bio Hazard Symbol - This is a very popular form of tattoo. Its design resembles a tribal tattoo design even though it is used extensively in the bio chemical industry.

Bio Mechanical - This is a form of tattoo that can be placed anywhere on the body and gives the effect of looking into that part of the body. It can be depicted as robotic parts such as tubes and mechanical parts or sinewy flesh. Birds - Symbolically birds have had many positive associations and can mean many things such as freedom, peace, longevity and spirituality.

Black Rose - This tattoo can represent sadness, tragedy and struggle.

Black Widow - The black widow is a popular tattoo amongst Goths. It can represent the female aspect as the female is known for eating the male after mating.

Bombs - The bomb with fuse attached has become a new school tattoo symbol and can mean impending danger and aggression. Borneo Rosette - Originating in the island of Borneo off Malaysia. This form of tattoo has been practiced for thousands of years. Males in Borneo often receive this tattoo as a form of honor particularly in battle. It is often worn on the shoulder and looks like a dark flower with a spiral in the center.

Born to Ride - This is a popular biker tattoo worn by biker gang members such as the 'Outlaws' and can be written above or below other biker symbols such as motorcycle logos or skulls.

Bulldog - This is a British symbol that has been adopted by members of the US Marine Corp and goes back to World War 1. British Bulldog - This is an image of a bulldog wearing a union jack waistcoat and sporting a bowler hat, sometimes also shown smoking a cigar. It has become synonymous with extreme nationalism.

Butterfly - This is without a doubt one of the most popular tattoos worn by women. Butterfly tattoos can mean several things such as beauty, metamorphosis, freedom, happiness and fragility. Many cultures have associated the butterfly with the soul.

Popularity of Butterfly Tattoos Butterfly tattoos are very popular because Butterflies are amazing creatures that are even found in ancient Greek mythology.

There are approximately 170,000 different species of Butterflies and Moths in the order, Lepidoptera. Of those, about 24,000 are butterflies. Lepidoptera is derived from the Ancient Greek, which means scale wing, which is a perfect description for the varied and colorful wings of the many species.

Butterflies go through a four-stage life. They start from an egg to a caterpillar to pupa to adult. Most caterpillars are herbivores but some are carnivores (eat ants and other caterpillars). Bet you didn’t know that!

The male adults may have larger antennae than the females. The adult mouthparts are called the proboscis, which is adapted for sucking nectar, which is the food source for most butterfly species. The proboscis can be described as a straw that is rolled up when not in use. However, the adults of some species of butterflies don’t feed as adults so nature made their proboscis very small.

The earliest fossils that have been found of Butterflies are from 190 million years ago. As you might imagine, the fossils of butterflies are very rare because of their soft body parts. They are usually found trapped inside of ancient tree sap or ember.

Butterflies can range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches. The lifespan of most adults is only one to two weeks! And they say that butterflies can see in green, yellow and red, which might explain why flowers are so brilliant in colors and hues.

The transformation of the lowly and ugly caterpillar into a graceful and gorgeous butterfly is truly a miracle of nature!

The idea that the striking and beautiful butterflies emerge after living as an ugly and lowly caterpillar has lead to a mythical Greek beauty named Psych who had the wings of a butterfly. In fact, the ancient Greek word, Psych means both butterfly and the human soul.

The belief is that the suffering of the human soul, which is preparing for the enjoyment of true and pure happiness, is similar with the emergence of butterflies from a pupa and their fluttering about the flowers, feeding on the fragrant nectars. The wide variety of colors and varied patterns has made the Butterfly tattoos one of the top five requests made by women at tattoo parlors. And no wonder! Butterfly tattoos are steeped in mythology and ancient civilization’s fascination of change.

Cards - Playing cards are a popular tattoo design. They can be depicted as an Ace of Clubs or a King of Hearts and mean good luck and fate.

Catfish - A popular form of tattoo in the Japanese style, catfish are recognizable by their whiskers and can grow quite large.

Celtic Cross - Also known as the 'Wheel Cross' and owes it roots to early Christianity in Ireland. It has been adopted by many White Nationalists.

Chains - Mostly worn by those who have been to prison. But they can also depict freedom if they are depicted as broken.

Cherries - Cherry tattoos are a very popular tattoo design being requested by a lot of females. There is something very feminine about cherry tattoos that has a certain allure and oozes sexuality and desire. This style of tattoo is done in a bright bold style is associated with new school style tattoos unlike the old school flat style of years ago. Even though a cherry is a widely used slang term for a woman's hymen, a piece of skin which covers the opening of the vagina and, contrary to popular belief, can be broken in many ways not just sex! A cherry can also be a slang term for a virgin. If you see cherries in your dream it can symbolize honesty and truthfulness or sweetness and good fortune. To see a cherry tree in your dream can represent luck, spring, femininity, and youth.

Cherubs - Although originally from Middle Eastern culture, they have been adopted by Westerners. They are usually depicted as children on clouds and can mean protection.

Chinese Dragon - For centuries, the Chinese dragon has been a symbol of power and mystery. Depicted in countless legends, both Eastern and Western, the dragon has provoked man to fear and worship it. In medieval Europe, it was a bloodthirsty, fire-breathing figure. Its malevolence and ferociousness struck terror in all. However, in Asia, it is the contrary. The mighty dragon is a mythical beast long celebrated for its benevolence, intelligence and good will. The Chinese dragon has been a common symbol of identity for Far Eastern cultures. In fact, Chinese people all over the world are affectionately known as 'lung de chuan ren', or the "descendants of the dragon". There are several distinct species of Chinese dragons. The Horned Dragon is considered to be the mightiest. The Celestial Dragon supports the heavens and protects the Gods. The Earth Dragon rules all of the earth. The Spiritual Dragon controls the wind and rain. The Treasure Dragon is the keeper of precious metals and gems. The Winged Dragon is the only dragon with wings. The Coiling Dragon dwells in the ocean. The Yellow Dragon is a hornless dragon known for its scholarly knowledge

Chrysanthemum - These are very popular in the Japanese style of tattoos. They were originally associated with royalty and can symbolize determination.

Claddagh - Claddagh is a place in the West of Ireland which has given its name to an Irish wedding ring depicted by a heart being held on either side by a pair of hands with a King's crown on top. The heart represents love; the hands represent friendship and the crown, devotion.

Clover - Otherwise known as four leaf clover or sometimes shamrock. The four leaf clover is very rare and is thus seen as a form of luck. It has also been adopted by White Nationalists and Aryans.

Cobras - This is a common tattoo and can mean a 'charmer'. Snakes have also been associated with youth.

Comedy and Tragedy - This is depicted as a smiling mask alongside a sad mask and is derived from Greek theater.

Compass - A popular tattoo with 'travelers' and can mean guidance to its wearer.

Confederation Flag - This is a red flag with a blue diagonal St Andrew's cross with thirteen stars. It has been adopted by white supremacists in recent years.

Cow Skull - This is a popular form of tattoo in the Native American tradition. It can remind those living of the impermanence of life.

Crips - A gang that was started in LA. Tattoos worn by Crips are usually depicted as Old English script. Crossed Swords - These are associated with death and harkens back to pirate times. They are associated with sailor style tattoos.

Crown - This is a form of tattoo that has been popularized by the new school form of tattooing. It is depicted as a heart with a crown on top.

Crucifixion - Worn obviously by those of the Christian faith. They can be worn on the arm or as an entire back-piece and usually symbolize devotion and sacrifice.

Cupid - The god of love and is depicted as a naked winged boy with a bow and arrow being shot through a heart. It is a positive symbol associated with love, being in love or yearning.

Dagger - Similar to the sword in meaning and can represent danger or betrayal. It is a popular form of tattoo in the new school tradition.

Dagger and skull - Worn mostly by those who have done prison time for murder.

Daisy - can represent youth and rebirth. These can be worn as an armband in the form of a daisy chain and can also mean carefree.

Death before Dishonor - The phrase 'Death before Dishonor' is usually depicted as a scroll wrapped around a dagger being held by an eagle. It is a popular military tattoo and has a couple of different meanings. Some suggest that extreme dislike of homosexuality while others suggest honor amongst troops.

Devil - It can be depicted in many forms from a scary entity to a playful cartoon depiction. The devil has many different meanings and is associated with evil but it can also be associated with desire and lust.

Devil Girl - A popular form of pin up girl which can represent lust and temptation.

Dice - Dice tattoos are worn by people who like to take risks and are representative of an uncertain outcome.

Dogs - As mans best friend they represent loyalty and faithfulness. They are mostly tattooed as memorials of pet dogs that have passed away and as such are a popular form of portraiture.

Dolphins - Dolphins are perceived to be one of the most intelligent of all mammals and have a close connection with humans. Humans have long associated them with symbols of spirituality and the divine. Dolphins have also been known to rescue humans who have fallen overboard. They are a very popular form of tattoos amongst females.

Dragonfly - Dragonfly tattoos are thought be associated with good luck.

Dream catchers - Dream catchers were used by Native Americans to ward off bad spirits in dreams. The idea was that they would catch bad dreams in the web like circle and only allow good dreams through a small hole in the centre. The feather on the dream catcher was for added protection from spirit guides in the form of certain birds. They are a hugely popular form of armband tattoo amongst males in particular.

Eagle - The eagle is one of the most powerful and majestic birds. As a tattoo eagles can have many different meanings from strength to national pride as in the American Bald Eagle.

Eight ball - The eight ball is the last ball in a game of pool or billiards. It can mean bad luck as in "behind the eight ball" and is also associated with some of the seamier sides of life.

Elephants - Are popular forms of tattoos in the eastern tradition. Elephants are well known for their long memories. Also a god in the Hindu tradition called Ganesh.

Elf - Mythical creatures in the Celtic and Nordic tradition. They appear quite a lot in fantasy style tattoos.

Eye of Horus - This is an ancient Egyptian symbol and is used as protection. It is a popular form of tattoo in the modern tradition of tattooing.

Fairy - Fairies represent the link with the magical realms. They are imbued with certain powers to make wishes come true and as a result they are one of the most popular individual forms of tattoos demanded by females.

Falcon - The falcon has long being admired not just for its beauty but also for its strength. It has also been associated with meta-physical powers by ancient peoples.

Fan - Fans were carried by men and women in the east and were also an expression of individuality because of their ornate and unique designs. Some claim they were used to wave away bad spirits but they are mostly associated with Geisha Girls.

Female Symbol - The symbol for females is a circle with a cross hanging from it. It is associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Fingerprints - Fingerprints, like hand and foot prints are unique to each individual person. In tattoos they are done to express this individuality as the tattoo can never be copied. Some people get the fingerprints of those who have 'touched them' as a sign of their love.

Firefighter - Firefighter tattoos are usually represented by a fire hydrant, dalmatian dog and a firefighter with yellow firefighter's hat. It can also feature the 'firefighters cross' which is a version of the Maltese cross. Firefighters are revered and respected because they risk their own lives to save others.

Fish - Fish tattoos appear in a multitude of different forms and can have many different meanings associated with them. In some cultures they are associated with fertility but can also be associated with wisdom as in the celtic 'salmon of wisdom'.

Fist - The fist as a tattoo is worn as an antagonistic symbol and has been worn by many groups from black radicals to white supremacists.

Flags - Flags are used to identify with a group or nation. They can mean national pride.

Flames - Fire is all consuming and can mean purification and renewal in beliefs. They are a popular form of tattoo in the new school tradition and are tattooed on ankles, forearms or even surrounding the sacred heart symbol.

Fleur de Lis - This symbol is associated with the French monarchy and also with Joan of Arc. As such it represents liberty.

Flowers - Flowers can cover the whole spectrum of individual species and are a hugely popular form of tattoos. All flowers have been admired for their beauty and can have many meanings depending on the variety.

Frog - Frog tattoos are quite a popular design even though there are many different varieties and meanings attached to them. Its choice as a tattoo comes down to aesthetic rather than symbolic reasons. This is partly due to its bright colors which are highly noticeable. Frogs have always been associated with the magical realm popularized by the Princess kissing a frog and turning him into a Prince.

Ganesh - Hindu god depicted as a person with an elephants head. Ganesh is imbued with many different meanings from protection to righteousness. Tattoos of Ganesh can be very detailed and are usually placed on the back.

Gargoyles - Gargoyles are architectural features found on gothic style buildings. They were originally intended as spouts for run off of rain from roofs. They are usually depicted as scary looking creatures which scare away evil spirits. Gay Love Symbol - This is the symbol for males interlinked and is popular amongst gay wishing to express their love for other men.

Gecko - A lizard whose tail grows back if pulled off. For this reason they symbolize re-growth and luck.

Geisha - Geishas or 'Art Girls' are women who were trained to entertain men. Much too popular misconceptions, they are not women of ill repute. They are usually dressed immaculately and wear heavy white make up. As tattoos they are depicted holding a fan and are popular in Japanese forms of tattoos.

Gnome - Gnomes were originally a Middle Eastern mythical creature but have become popular in Nordic and Celtic mythology. They are usually depicted as dwarf like men with pointy red hats sheltering under brightly colored toadstools.

Goblins - The goblin is well known in European folklore and is perceived as being a bad tempered and ugly little creature, particularly the hob goblin. They differ from gnomes in that they are usually troublemakers.

Grapes - Grapes are associated with Dionysus the Greek god of wine. They are usually placed as an arm band or creeping up the arm or leg.

Graffiti - Graffiti is considered by some to be modern art and by others to be defacing property. In ways, it mirrors the way people view tattoos which can be either positive or negative.

Greek-Russian Orthodox Cross - This differs from the standard Christian cross in that it has a smaller bar above the main bar, possibly representing the inscription and a smaller diagonal bar possibly used as a footrest which may have become dislodged.

Griffin - A mythical beast which is a cross between an eagle and a lion. Its head is an eagle and lower body that of a lion. In the Middle East it was associated with a religion called Zoroastrianism but it was also used by Christians to symbolize the dual nature of Christ.

Grim Reaper - Is an impending figure depicted as a hooded skeleton carrying a scythe. The scythe is used to 'harvest' human souls.

Guevara, Che - Although Che Guevara was a symbol of violent struggle and communism he has ironically become a popular symbol in societies were capitalism is the order of the day. Depicted with a black beret with the star it has become an iconic symbol and a popular form of tattoo.

Gun - Guns are a popular form of tattoo amongst those who have served time in prison for violent crimes involving guns. But they have been adopted by neo traditionalists in the American school of tattoos. They can be worn by males and females and are usually placed on the chest or abdomen of either sex.

Halo - A symbol of enlightened or saintly beings, depicted as a ring of light around the person's head or surrounding the entire person. As tattoos the halo can adorn any symbol such as a crown or sacred heart but it is also used on top of a portrait of a person or pet that has deceased thus suggesting that they are still with them in spirit.

Hammer and Sickle - A symbol of Russian communists. It can be depicted as black work or against the backdrop of a red flag. Like the symbol of Che Guevara it has been adopted by westerners with no interest in communist ideology although many American tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo the Hammer and Sickle for patriotic reasons.

Han - Otherwise known as the hand chop. It is a signature seal carved onto a block of wood serving as a stamp or seal. It is a popular form of tattoo in the Japanese tradition.

Harley Davidson - The Harley Davidson motorcycle has become an icon of American freedom. They are a hugely popular design and not just amongst American bikers but Harley riders the world over. It can be depicted as the Harley Davidson logo on its own or complete with an American Eagle and flag in the background.

Harp - Harps are usually associated with the Irish. Before the changeover to EU currency it was displayed on all Irish coins and is used by the Irish Government as an official seal. It is a common tattoo amongst those of Irish extraction as a symbol or resistance and national pride.

Harpy - In Greek mythology these were evil spirits depicted as winged creatures with sharp claws that have the body of birds and heads of women. They are similar to succubi in that they take the souls or spirits of men.

Heart - As a tattoo it is associated with the bio-mechanical form of tattoos. It is usually placed in the actual spot where the real heart would be as if being looked at through an x-ray. It is also popular amongst people who have been through heart operations to remind them of their successful heart surgery and recovery.

Heart Symbol - Possible one of the most popular form of tattoos. The symbol of the heart is etched deeply in the human psyche across nearly all cultures. It can appear in many different forms such as the Sacred Heart or the Pierced Heart. In old school tattoos it is sometimes shown with a banner going across with a persons name written on it. In the new school tradition of tattooing it can be represented with a crown above it or surrounded by flames.

Heart with Dagger - This is an old school form of tattoo common amongst servicemen but has become popular once again. It can symbolize hurt in love and also jealousy.

Heart with Flames - This is a form of tattoo that can express passion for a particular person. Fire has long been associated with lust and passion and the heart is a symbol of love.

Heart with Mom Banner - This is the tattoo that comes to peoples minds when they think of the stereotypical tattoo. Even though it is seen as a clich� many people still get it. It has come full circle and takes it place amongst daggers and skulls as the quintessential western tattoos.

Hei Tiki - This is a symbol of protection amongst the Maori tribes of New Zealand or Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud). It is depicted as an unborn fetus with head tilted to one side. It is used as a form of protection by expecting Maori women.

Hell's Angels - A notorious motorcycle gang at one time originating in the United States. They are usually depicted wearing world war two clothing and helmets and their logo is the skull with horns.

Hobbits - Popular tattoos in the fantasy tattoo tradition. They are small human-like beings that live in 'Middle Earth' from the epic tale 'The Lord of the Rings' created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Homeward Bound - A popular maritime tattoo in the old school tradition. It is usually depicted as a clipper ship with full sails with a banner which displays 'homeward bound' although sometimes it can depict an anchor.

Horse - Horses can mean many different things such as strength and also nobility. In history, people mounted on horses are seen as being powerful.

Horseshoe - This is a well known symbol of good luck and has been adopted by the neo traditional school of tattoos. The idea was that the horseshoe pointing upwards protected a person�s house and kept all the good luck in.

Horus - An Egyptian symbol depicted as a falcon headed god. In the myth Horus' eye was ripped out but was reconstructed.

Hula Girl - A once popular form of tattoo amongst sailors, it usually meant that the sailor had been to Hawaii. The Hula Girl is depicted as a pin up style girl wearing the traditional Hawaiian hula skirt and garland.

Icarus - Icarus was a Greek god who flew too close to the sun. He had wax wings which melted causing him to fall into the sea and drown. He is seen to represent the impetuous and uncontrolled nature of youth.

Iguana - Iguanas are brightly colored lizards and as a result look great as tattoos. They can be tattooed to full size on the back or smaller on the calf of a leg or shoulder. Iguanas were considered to be sacred animals by the Mayan.

Illuminati - The illuminati were a secret organization of 'adepts' or enlightened ones with extraordinary power. There are many conspiracies surrounding them and many claim that the American dollar bills contain illuminati symbolism which is the eye in the triangle or 'all-seeing eye'. In tattoos there are many variations of this symbol as there are many different reasons for getting it.

Infinity - The infinity symbol looks like a number eight lying on its side as is an ancient Arabic symbol. Many people get this as a tattoo to represent the eternal nature of the soul.

In Memorial - These are constant reminders of a deceased person that are popular tattoos for those who want to remember loved ones who have passed. They are usually tattooed with a portrait of the person who has passed.

Isis - Is an ancient Egyptian goddess and a popular choice for a tattoo. She is generally shown holding a staff to represent her control.

Jackal - The jackal is associated with death as it is known to feed on corpses at night time in particular. In many cultures it has very negative associations even though it is a popular choice of tattoo.

Jaguar - Jaguars have long been associated with otherworldly powers by ancient cultures in Central America. The Americans Indians regarded them as 'power animals' or having shamanistic qualities.

Japanese Dragon - Dragons in Eastern cultures have completely different meanings to those in the West. They are thought to embody the Yin Yang energy and possess wisdom. As tattoos, they can be depicted as passive and benevolent or aggressive showing claws and sharp teeth. There are so many variations of the Japanese Dragon as a style of tattoo and they can be placed in most places but mostly on the back, upper arm, forearm and chest.

Jesus � Jesus, as the founder of Christianity, is a popular choice of tattoo for those who want to express their devotion. There are many depictions of Jesus ranging from the image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns or on a cross. Then there is the brightly colored new school variety of tattoo that depicts Jesus as an icon of popular culture.

Joker - The Joker is associated with playing cards and is related to 'The Fool' in tarot cards. As a playing card they usually have special powers and can be used in play or not as in 'Jokers wild'. Even though the Joker is seen as someone foolish they are also quite intelligent.

Kali - Kali is an Indian god of destruction shown with four arms, a sword and a severed head. As a tattoo, it can be done to represent the aggressive nature of the female aspect.

Kanji - Kanji are a form of Japanese and Chinese writing. Most Japanese tattoos found on tattoo shop walls - and on most people's skin - are printed in a bland, everyday variety of type. The written Japanese and Chinese languages are composed not of individual letters but of ideographs or pictographs, which represent an idea or thing. Some characters consist of more than 30 strokes.

The two languages share some of the same pictographs, for instance those meaning beauty, love, woman, strength and happiness. Such concepts are the most commonly requested. Things borrowed from other cultures can come to have a deeper, more personal meaning. The visual force of the Chinese and Japanese characters is quite dramatic and has a beauty of its own.

King of Hearts - The King of Hearts is the highest card in a 52 card deck. As a tattoo it can be done to express good luck but can also be associated with love.

Kintaro - Kintaro is a legendary Japanese hero imbued with great strength. Often Kintaro is seen wrestling with a Koi or Japanese Carp. In Japanese tattoos, Kintaro is a popular tattoo as it depicts the warrior aspect.

Knot work - Knot work or Celtic Knot work was developed by the Celtic people of Ireland and Northern Europe. It is to be seen in many ancient Irish manuscripts such as the Book of Kells, on display in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Symbolically it can represent the eternal and intertwined nature of the human soul. It is a popular form of tattoo especially as an armband.

Koi - Also known as Japanese Carp is a bright golden, orange and white fish. In Japanese tattooing it is one of the most discernible and popular styles. It has many meanings as is it known for its ability to climb waterfalls and as such symbolizes courage over adversity.

Kokopelli - This symbol is derived from ancient Indian artwork. It is depicted as a male crouched over playing a flute. It is thought that he is the bringer of good news and also of fertility because of his large genitalia in some drawings. Krishna - A Hindi deity thought to be the reincarnation of Vishnu. He is a popular choice of tattoo as he represents divine love for all things.

Lady Luck - Most commonly associated with gambling because of the depiction of a scantily clad lady with dice, cards and sometimes a horse-shoe.

Lakshmi - In the Hindu belief Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu and is depicted as a compassionate mother. She is usually shown with four arms of which the top two hold a lotus flower and also standing on a lotus. The lotus flower is recognized as the embodiment of spiritual perfection.

Leprechaun - Leprechauns are 'the little people' of Ireland and have powers to grant wishes and possess a 'pot 'o gold'. They are feisty and do not hand over their wishes or gold too easy. Leprechauns as tattoos are popular particularly with Irish Americans and are not really requested by natives of Ireland as they are seen to be 'plastic' or not really authentically Irish.

Lesbian Love - This is two female symbols interlocked. The symbol for female is a circle with a cross pointing downwards.

Lighthouse - A welcome sight for seafarers and has come to mean safety and protection. The light in the lighthouse can also mean guidance giving direction to those off course.

Lily - Lilies are known for purity and chastity and are also associated with death being a common flower at funerals.

Lion - Lions are the 'king of the jungle' and project strength. They are sometimes depicted in their natural state or in emblems and national motifs particularly English. Lion with Sword - This is a Middle Eastern symbol for royalty and power and is a popular tattoo choice.

Lizard - Lizards are a popular tattoo choice in the Hawaiian and Polynesian tradition. They can be depicted like the gecko or as more in a tribal style of tattoo.

Lotus - Lotus flowers alongside roses are probably the flower with the most meaning associated with it. In many belief systems they express spiritual purity mainly because they are so beautiful and can grow in the murkiest of water. There are many different varieties of lotus flowers and they are usually depicted in Buddhist or Hindu style tattoos.

Love and Hate - These are usually spelled out on the tops of each finger so that they are visible when a fist is made. As tattoos they are usually associated with 'common types' and criminals.

Lower Back Tattoos - The Pros And Cons

In recent years, one of the most popular trends among women has been the growth in lower back tattoos. This describes the practice of having a design tattooed on the center lower region of the back just above or below the waist line.

The popularity of this tattoo placement has been fuelled by the current fashion for low cut jeans and short tops, which provide the perfect setting to display these designs. So if you're thinking about getting a lower back tattoo, here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages to bear in mind. The Advantages Of Lower Back Tattoos In general, the placement of most tattoos means that they're either permanently on show or hidden by clothing. But due to modern clothing trends including low cut jeans and crop tops, the lower back is the perfect place for a tattoo if you want to achieve a "now you see it, now you don't" effect.

This subtle approach to tattoo placement is similar to the growing trend among men for tattoos on the underside of the forearm. Unlike a front forearm tattoo which is highly visible, an inside design will be hidden for much of the time. But once you've seen the design, it will be more visible. Another reason for the popularity of lower back tattoos is the sensuality of the placement. Some people find the "should I have seen that" glimpse of an exposed lower back tattoo extremely alluring. This is a major advantage if you want to project a sexy, adventurous image.

Placing a tattoo on your lower back also means that you won't be able to see it under normal conditions. In fact, you'll only see it if you're extremely flexible or when you catch a glimpse of it in a mirror. So if you want a tattoo, but don't want to see it all the time, a lower back placement might be the answer.

The Disadvantages Of Lower Back Tattoos Lower back tattoos carry one major disadvantage - they're extremely unoriginal. The trend has lasted for so long that millions of women all over the world have tattoos placed on their lower back. In fact, it has become almost impossible to find a new way to place a tattoo design on your lower back. But beyond that, certain unflattering slang terms have developed to describe lower back tattoos and the women who have them, including "tramp stamp", and "gramp stamp", which refers to the idea that in 40 to 50 years, the world will be full of elderly women with lower back tattoos. So if you're looking for something a bit more original, it's best to avoid lower back tattoos.

Another major disadvantage of tattoos placed on the lower back is the fact that you won't be able to see your tattoo unless you look in a mirror. This may be an advantage if you want a tattoo but don't want to look at it all the time. But if you want to see your new design on a regular basis, avoid getting a tattoo anywhere in your back. An Original Alternative To Consider If you like the idea of a lower back tattoo, but want to retain an element of originality, try placing your tattoo design further round your torso, so that it sits on the sound of the body above one or both of your hips. At present, tattoos placed in this location are relatively rare, so if you're looking for something original, it might be worth considering. In future years this could become a popular new trend, who knows. But for now, it's ripe for early trendsetters to exploit.

Mack Trucks - Mack Trucks are to truckers what Harley Davidson's are to bikers. Unlike Harleys they are usually tattooed in their entirety rather than just the logo showing the truck as big and powerful, shined to perfection.

Madonna - This is an extremely popular tattoo as it is as a religious icon. Madonna is usually depicted with flowing white or blue robes, eyes turned downward in a pious, reflective manner. The reasons for getting Madonna tattooed are many and varied and not always for religious reasons. Madonna has long being a subject for tattoos and is just as popular as ever. Madonna and Child - This is a pore traditional variation on the Madonna theme. In this depiction Mary, Mother of God is seen holding baby Jesus.

Male Symbol - This is depicted as a circle with a cross pointing upwards.

Maltese Cross - This cross originated in the Malta Supreme Military Hospital. It is an eight pointed cross with each point symbolizing the qualities of a knight. The cross is also used by the Order of Knights Templar.

Mandala - A mandala literally means circle in Sanskrit. It is a common symbol in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It can take on a myriad of forms and variations and is a symbol of contemplation.

Man's Ruin - Man's ruin is depicted as a lady sitting in a glass with cards in the background, money and dice. It is these four things, alcohol, loose women, money and gambling that can lead to man's ruin. It has always been a popular tattoo choice and because of its classic appearance shows no sign of ever waning in popularity.

Marijuana - Also known as Mary Jane, weed, or grass is an instantly recognized symbol because of its distinctive appearance. Its use is generally restricted in most countries but that does not stop people from getting it as a tattoo to show that they are a user.

Measure of Man - This is a well known painting by Leonardo De Vinci. It is a depiction of a nude man in a large circle and rectangle showing the reach of outstretched arms and legs in two different positions. It was used in a space probe sent out years ago so that if extra terrestrials discovered it would understand the basic physical structure on mankind.

Medicine Shield - This is a Native American shield which is circular in shape with feathers attached and is used for protection.

Medusa - Medusa is depicted as a lady with piercing eyes and snakes for hair. In myths she could turn a man to stone with one look. She is a character that strikes fear into many.

Mermaids - The mermaid is half fish and half female. In mythology, the mermaid would either lure men to their death by drowning or would conversely rescue men from the same fate. As tattoos they can be symbols of temptation or depicted almost as pin up girls.

Mickey Mouse - This is the quintessential Disney character and as such a popular tattoo choice for those who want to retain links to happy childhood memories.

Moai - These are the giant mysterious stone carvings on the Pacific Island of Easter Island. They are giant heads and upper bodies sticking out of the ground which still baffle people.

Moon - This is our closest heavenly neighbor and is often associated with the feminine aspect or nature. It can symbolize change and it is responsible for the movement of the tides and also linked to the female monthly cycle. It can take on many forms such as the crescent moon, harvest moon, killing moon or blue moon with individual meanings associated with each.

Morning Star - This is a star which is associated with the darker side of nature and is also known as 'Satan's Star' because of its ability to evoke spirits.

Motorcycles - The image of the motorcycle will probably never lose its appeal. Motorcycle tattoos, once the preserve of biker gangs, now seem to be requested by those not necessarily considered 'bikers'. As tattoos, there are many different varieties from the 'Hot Rod'; with a scantily clad girl on top, to the Harley Davidson ridden by a skeleton even Lambretta scooters and every other type of bike in between.

Musical Notes - These can take on any variation of a musical note. As tattoos they are usually done by people who are musicians or who have a deep love of music.

Nautical Star - The nautical star is a common style of tattoo even though its meanings and origins are unclear. It is a five pointed star with one half of each point in shade. It can mean a 'lucky return'.

Nazi Symbol - The Nazi symbol is depicted as the outstretched wings of an eagle holding a wreath with the swastika inside. It is a very striking image which is only really used by groups aligned with neo Nazi links.

Niho Mano - This is a Hawaiian symbol shown as opposing lines of pyramids that takes on the appearance of teeth of a shark. It is traditionally worn by males as an armband.

Nuclear Radiation - This is an internationally recognized symbol warning of the danger of nuclear radioactivity. Its use of a tattoo can mean serve as a 'warning' to others not to get to close.

Octopus - This is an eight legged sea creature which is the subject of many myths and sea tales. The octopus can be depicted as fearful or as a passive almost feminine creature. As such it is more common for women than men to get tattooed with an octopus.

Om - The Om symbol is a depiction of the primeval sound believed by Hindus to be the 'breath of God'.

Omega - This is the last symbol in the Greek alphabet but can also mean 'the end of all things'.

One Percent (1%) - This came from a quote from the American Motorcycle Association which claimed that only 1% of its members were gang members or outlaws. Some biker gang members proudly wear this as a mark of honor.

Oni - This is a horned devil in Japanese tradition and a popular style of tattoo.

Orchid - Orchids are a popular choice of floral tattoo mainly because of its beauty and its rich associations.

Osiris - King of ancient Egypt and often depicted as a mummy holding a staff. He was the god of fertility but also linked with the afterlife.

Owl - Owls are a popular choice of bird tattoo because of their meaning. Owls are striking birds with hypnotic eyes and are known for their wisdom.

Padlock - This is a perennial style of tattoo that has never really faded. It is usually depicted with hearts and is meant to suggest that only one person can unlock the wearer's heart or there is only one true love.

Pah Kwa - This is an ancient Chinese symbol said to ward off evil. It is depicted as a Yin Yang symbol surrounded by eight trigrams from the I Ching.

Panther - Panthers are fierce creatures and as such are worn by people who like to portray an image of strength and courage. They have also been adopted by the 'Black Panthers' a group of black radicals in the sixties. As tattoos they were popular years ago but seem to be back.

Parrot - Parrots have always held a special place with people because of their bright colors, intelligence and ability to speak in some cases. As tattoos they have always been popular because of their vivid colors.

Pegasus - This is a legendary Greek creature shown as a white horse with wings. It has many associations with agility and the spirit world.

Pentagram - This is a five pointed star which has connections with magic and witchcraft. It is used as a form of protection by those who practice the craft and in its inverted form is a symbol of evil.

Phoenix - A mythological bird that is rich in meaning in quite a few different cultures. It is most known for its ability to rise from the ashes, and is a symbol of death and rebirth into immortality.

Pierced Heart - A quintessential symbol of being in love. Shot from the arrow of Cupid it can suggest penetration and physical love too.

Pirate Ship - This is a ship flying the black flag with skull and crossbones. It is a common tattoo in the old and new school varieties because of its bold outlines.

Playboy Bunny - The well known logo of Playboy magazine has been adopted by many who have probably never even read Playboy. It symbolizes the eroticism.

Popeye - Popeye is the famous sailor cartoon character which has been around since the late 1920's. Popeye has come to be a popular tattoo ever since, because of his associate with strength, fighting and saving Olive Oyl.

Praying Hands - This is a well known image in Christianity as it associates with communication with God. It has long been a common tattoo amongst inmates in prison especially Mexican gangs.

Pyramids - One of the wonders of the world build by the ancient Egyptians. They have become popular as tattoos for their link with ancient wisdom and connection with the past.

Queen - Not as popular a tattoo symbol as the king in a suit of cards. Although can represent the feminine energy but sometimes associated with gay men as in 'queens'.

Quetzalcoatl - This is an ancient Mexican creature depicted as a serpent covered in feathers. Like the phoenix it is associated with death and rebirth. It is not really that well known outside of the region and is mostly requested as a tattoo by those with Mexican heritage

Ra - An ancient Egyptian god associated with the sun and sky. Ra is depicted with the head of a falcon.

Rabbit - Rabbits have many meanings from fertility to renewal. In Chinese astrology people born in The Year of the Rabbit are good communicators and ambitious.

Rainbow Flag - A popular symbol for those wishing to express their homosexuality. Originally created in San Francisco in the late 70's it has come to be internationally recognized for 'Gay Pride' everywhere.

Reverse Swastika - This is the mirror image of the symbol used by the Nazis. It is an ancient Hindu symbol and has the opposite meaning to that which it is most associated.

RIP - Rest in Peace is an epitaph on a grave. As a tattoo it is quite common either as a memory of a deceased person or in the fantasy style of tattoo art depicting grisly scenes.

Rock of Ages - This symbolizes a woman clinging to a cross or headstone with a banner below with the inscription 'Rock of Ages'. She can either be seen on a rocky outcrop or amongst flowers as is meant on a scene of a shipwreck. As such, is a common tattoo amongst sailors and also as a religious tattoo.

Rooster - Roosters have many associations in Chinese astrology and in Western beliefs. For instance sailors used to get tattoos of roosters as they were known to not be able to swim so would want to get back to the relative safety of dry ground. They have also been known to be proud and fighting birds. In Chinese they are considered to be intellectual, while Buddhists associate them with passion.

Rose - Roses are probably the quintessential flower in the West and a VERY popular form of tattoo. The rose is rich with meaning and symbolism.

• Red roses can mean love, romantic love, and respect.

• White roses signify spiritual love, purity, innocence or secrecy.

• Bridal white means happy love.

• Yellow roses signify joy, gladness, friendship and devotion.

• Coral roses imply desire.

• Light peach roses signify modesty or friendship

• Orange roses say fascination.

• Light pink roses imply grace, gentility and admiration.

• Dark pink roses say "thank you."

• Red and yellow roses mixed together can mean congratulations

• Yellow and orange roses together imply passionate thoughts.

• Red and white roses signify unity

Runes - These are an ancient alphabet of the Nordic race. Each astrological sign corresponds to a runic symbol. Because of the complexity and individual interpretation of each rune no one meaning can be attached to runes. Some of the runic symbols have been taken by those with affiliations to White Nationalism.

Sacred Heart - The Sacred Heart is one of the most popular forms of tattoos. It is representative of Jesus' heart and his divine love for all things. There are many variations of this symbol, some depicting the flames of passion and others still being depicted realistically almost like a real heart.

Sailors - Once common tattoos amongst Navy men. Usually depicted wearing the white sailor uniform and cap.

Sailor Girl - Classic pin up style tattoo. Wearing a sailors uniform but with a low cut top showing an ample bosom.

Sailor's Grave - Old school tattoo done to remember fellow Navy men lost in battle at sea. It is depicted as an anchor or 'lifesaver' being held by an American Bald Eagle with a banner inscribed 'Sailor's Grave'.

Samurai - Ancient Japanese warriors known for their discipline and swordsmanship. They were also noted for their honor choosing to commit suicide instead of submitting. It is a popular form of tattoo in the Japanese tradition and can be part of a full 'suit' covering the entire body depicting war scenes.

Scorpion - The scorpion is a deadly creature and can kill a human being very quickly. It is associated with revenge because of its nature. Even still it is a very popular form of tattoo even amongst those not born under its astrological sign.

Sea Horse - The Sea Horse is a very unusual looking sea creature that has many associations. As a tattoo it can mean numerous things from the strength of the horse and ruler of the sea.

Semper Fidelis - This is popular amongst US Marines for its meaning 'Always Faithful'. It can be used alone or alongside an anchor or bulldog as a US Marine Corp tattoo.

Shamrock - This small clover like plant is associated with the Celtic people of Ireland where it was believed to be a sacred plant. St Patrick adopted it to denote the 'Holy Trinity' of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a tattoo it has been appropriated by far right groups even though it is still a popular tattoo amongst those recognizing their Irish heritage.

Shiva - A Hindu god depicted with four arms outstretched and one leg raised symbolizing the 'cosmic 'dance'. He is usually surrounded by flames and is the 'giver of life'.

Sickle - Associated with either communism or death as in the 'Grim Reaper' giving it a meaning of death and its inevitable rebirth.

Skull - The skull is a recurrent theme in tattoos mainly because of its unique appearance. Skulls as tattoos can take many variations and meanings. They can be grisly with worms boring through the skull or can have a more new school look with a bold bright appearance and a green 'X' in place of a socket and a dagger going through it.

Snake - Snakes are a recurring form of tattoo in may different styles from modern American tattoos to Chinese style tattoos. It is associated with renewal because of the snakes ability to shed its skin. The snake was also associated with knowledge and temptation in the Christian tradition. There are many different styles of snakes and can be depicted on their own, coiled around a sword or dagger (which is a medical symbol) or emerging from a skull. Spider - Spiders can be deadly insects such as the black widow spider or the fearsome but generally harmless tarantula.

Spider Web - This is a tattoo that can symbolize a prison term. They are tattooed on the elbows and can also mean that the person sporting it has killed someone. Spirals - This is a Celtic symbol found on the ancient burial tombs of the Celts in Ireland. They are thought to represent the three realms in the celtic belief system of the underworld, overworld and the world.

Star - The star is a popular form of tattoo and can take on many different forms such as shooting star tattoos. They can also have many different meanings associated with them. A lot of people seem to be getting them because they express their inner desire to be a star. Shooting star tattoos can also symbolize a brief fleeting moment in ones life just like the brief wonder of seeing a shooting star race across the night sky. They can also be a symbol of reaching ones ultimate destiny and are popular among stars of the Hollywood variety. Shooting stars, asteroids, and the movement of the heavenly bodies in the night sky have always fascinated humans. Some cultures have always had strong beliefs and superstitions in the meaning of shooting stars. Traditionally shooting stars also meant a new birth and changes in ones life and also a wish for a better life.

Statue of Liberty - The most famous statue which stands for liberty, freedom and independence to all that follow the 'American Way'. It has become a popular form of tattoo particularly in the aftermath of 9/11. The Statue of Liberty is one of the first things many immigrants would see on arrival in the 'land of opportunity' and as such means new beginnings.

Sun - The sun is a powerful symbol common amongst all cultures. It is rich in meaning and symbolism and is most commonly acknowledged as the 'giver of life' without which, all things would perish. As a tattoo it can be depicted in many different forms, from the sun with flames around it to a tribal style of Haida depiction with human-like face.

Sun and Moon - It can mean the interplay of opposites as in male and female, hot and cold, Yin and Yang. Both the sun and moon nourish us in different ways. Sunflowers - Sunflowers are a common tattoo because of their striking appearance and bright yellow color.

Swallow - Swallows have always been a favorite tattoo amongst sailors because of their association with good luck and homecoming.

Swastika - Originally an ancient symbol that was a sign of creation but now internationally recognized for its Nazi associations. Because of its negative associations not many people get it tattooed unless belonging to a far right group or as a complex piece where its obvious power is played down.

Sword - The sword has many connotations such as justice and virtue, but also danger. They have magical powers and often appear in myths and legends.

Teardrop - These are a common prison style tattoo denoting 'served time' or the fact that the wearer may have killed a person.

Three Dots - This form of tattoo is mostly associated with gang membership and is done on the hand between the forefinger and thumb.

Triple Seven - Usually depicted as a gaming machine where it symbolizes lucky fortune. Thunderbird - A mythical bird in the Native American tradition known for its power because of its ability to create thunder from its wings. Its most common appearance is with outstretched wings or in a Haida style from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Tiger - Tigers are a common style of tattoo for many reasons. It is known for both its beauty and strength. Because of the distinctive coloring of a tiger it makes for a very good tattoo. It can be done in many styles but by far the most common depiction is the Chinese style of tiger which it was believed to be the opposite of the dragon and often appears alongside it.

Tiki - Tikis originate from Maori culture in New Zealand. They are depicted like statues carved in wooden blocks not dissimilar to Native American Totems.

Tomahawk - A weapon of the Native Americans used in battle and known for scalping the white invaders. It is a popular tattoo symbol for those interested in Native American history and culture.

Totem Pole - A carved block of wood representing ties to a Native Americans 'power animals' or spirit guides. They can be many variations of animals such as bird, bear, and coyote. They can also tell a story as well as be a protective symbol. Many males get totems tattooed on their arms even though they are not natives.

Toucan - Toucans are tropical birds from Central and South America recognizable from their almost cartoon-like appearance of large beak and vivid colors.

Treble Clef - A musical note also known as 'G Clef' because the swirly part wraps around the line that indicates the note G on the staff. It is a common tattoo amongst those with musical talents. Tribal - Tribal tattoos are still hugely popular and have evolved into a style called neo-tribal which takes elements from other cultures such as those of the Pacific Islands.

Triskelion - This is an ancient symbol common to Greek and Celtic cultures. It literally means 'three legged' in Greek. It has been found on Greek shields and also found on Irish burial tombs. It was later adopted by the early Christian church to represent the Holy Trinity.

Turtle - Turtles are known for their long life and slow and steady pace. They can also mean protection as the turtle uses his hard shell.

Unicorn - A mythological creature which looks like a horse with a horn coming out of its forehead. It is often associated with fables and fairy tales because of its enchanting appearance. As a tattoo it is hugely popular particularly amongst females.

United States Air Force (USAF) - This is common tattoo amongst US servicemen. It is depicted as an American Bald Eagle (sometimes with an American flag as a backdrop) holding a propeller in its talons and banner inscribed with USAF.

United States Army - The US Army is the largest component of the American Military machine. It is only natural that such a large organization would develop its own style of tattoo. But the mainstay of army tattoos seems to be the American Bald Eagle, the American Flag, canons and other military weapons. The most popular designs worn by US soldiers is similar to that of the USAF with Bald Eagle, Flag and banner inscribed USA.

United State Marine Corp - The Marines military regalia always seems to feature the Eagle, globe, anchor and small banner held by the Eagle proclaiming 'Semper Fidelis'.

United States Navy (USN) - The US Navy is the organization most associated with 'sailor' style tattoos that have become so prevalent and instantly recognizable. They are similar to USAF and US Army in that they feature an Eagle carrying the banner inscribed with USN and carrying an anchor below. The anchor is the symbol most associated with Navel men.

Vampires - Vampires appear to be quite common as tattoos maybe perhaps because they have long held a fascination for most people. Tradition has it that the vampire needed to suck the blood of a virgin in order to survive. Many people find the idea of blood and its consumption erotic and blood cults have been around for hundreds of years celebrating the 'lust for blood'.

Vikings - Vikings came from the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark mainly. They are known for the fierce fighting abilities but were also plunderers and pillagers. As a result there appearance would have struck fear into many. They are usually pictured as having long beards, pony tails, wearing round helmets with horns and carrying swords.

Virgin Mary - The Virgin Mary is most associated with Catholicism. As religious art, she is most expressed as being pure and a compassionate mother. She is usually depicted wearing flowing white or blue robes praying with a reflective or sad expression.

Vishnu - Hindu god and one of the three supreme beings which also include Brahma and Shiva. He is usually depicted as having four arms one of which carries a trident and the other carrying a drum. The other two hands display some kind of hand gestures (mudras).

Whale - Although as a tattoo the whale is not nearly as popular as the dolphin, but symbolically it is no less interesting. Whales have been associated with myths and legends from 'Jonah and the Whale' to myths of killer whales. They are also connected with the world of the unconscious mainly because they live in the deepest oceans which were associated with unconscious emotions and imagery. The sound of whales can be a beautiful and haunting experience and there is no doubt of mankind's fascination with these majestic creatures.

Wheel Cross - This cross is similar to the Celtic cross and its actual name is Odin's Cross. It was originally a pagan symbol, but has since been appropriated by the Christian church. Like the Celtic Cross it has been adopted by White Supremacist groups. It is a simple design shown as a circle with a cross inside.

Witch - Witches have been around for millennia as those who practice Wicca or witchcraft. The stereotypical image of a witch is an old lady astride a broom with a pointy hat and even pointier nose! Although Wicca still survives to this day, most modern day witches would balk at this depiction.

Wolf - Wolves are a popular image in tattoo art. They are laden with symbolism and a recurring theme in many myths and fables. They are known for being pack hunters and have been known to adopt abandoned children. They are also linked with ancient mythology such as that of the Nordic and Native American traditions.

XXX - This is a symbol that has double meanings. It was originally used to denote bottles containing alcohol but has come to be more associated with pornography or 'X' rated material for adults only. 'X' can also mean "straight edge". Usually either just an 'X' or two small 'x' on either side of a large 'X' Example - 'xXx'

Yin-Yang - Ancient Chinese symbol which represents the opposites contained in everything such as male/female, light/dark, and good/bad. In each is contained the seed of the other and one cannot exist without the other.

Zodiac - Zodiac symbols developed from the ancient art of astrology and are very popular as tattoos. They correspond to the twelve months of the year which are:

• Aquarius January 21 - February 19

• Pisces February 20- March 20

• Aries March 21 - April 20

• Taurus April 21 - May 21

• Gemini May 22 - June 21

• Cancer June 22 - July 22

• Leo July 23 -August 21

• Virgo August 22 - September 23

• Libra September 24 - October 23

• Scorpio October 24 - November 22

• Sagittarius November 23 - December 22

• Capricorn December 23 - January 20
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